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Converter, AC/DC
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Battery Hook-Ups with Clips
Plug with DOUBLE Socket
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Power Station 12 Ah


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Power Station 12 Ah
Suitable for all Energy Sources

Original Accessory for 12V Electric-Coolers and Electric Soft Coolers

The high quality original accessory for EZetil electrical coolers and electrical soft coolers ensures a high cooling performance and a long life time for all EZetil -cooling products, works also with other brands of coolers - follow instruction manual!
  • The battery guard avoids the flattening of the car battery.
  • 12 V plug + socket are ideal for installation in the trunk.

    The mobile electricity source for all electrical appliances with 4.5/6.0/9.0 and 12 V current consumption.
    Integrated 12.0 Ah battery supplies 12 Volt EZetil electrical coolers for approx. 3 hours. Rechargeable through 230 V or through 12 V car cigarette lighter. Easy transportation due to handle and shoulder strap.
    Can also be used as a starting aid on cars and motorcycles.

  • | Certification: CE/GS |

    | Product Dimensions (mm): W= 175, D= 150, H= 250 |

    | Product Weight (g): 4400 |